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Skiing in Lake Mountain, Melbourne, just perfect.

After the announcement of gallery completion, now it’s the Blog completion. What a work!! :D. I can’t help my self customersing the site. Anything else to do???

Let wait and see how it manage large amount of writing to come. Another thing is who is going to read this? Come on visit and give comments.


Entry for 29 April 2006: Life is unfair.

People often go on holiday to relax, to release stress or to enjoy new experience. But we, the people of the third world, don’t seem to have those right. If we want a holiday that only means more stress, more worry at a greater expense as well. The world is totally unfair.

I just applied visa for the Netherlands. First, I was shock when I stepped in the consulate and the consular asked where we were going. I obviously told him that I am applying visa to go to Netherlands and other European countries. The first thing he said was you can’t get visa without asking any information! How odd! I paid for my flight, train, fairy tickets, accommodation, make appointment well in advance and do every things right, but why did he said that? Anyway, he finally asked me the necessary documents. There are piles of them: bank statement, hotel booking, transport booking, letters from university, travel insurance and cash for the visa fee and the return envelope. They had taken so long to prepare with so much hassle. It takes 30 munites for him to just have a look at them. What else do we have to have???
Anyway, I am goping to get my passport back with the Shengen visa on it. Then go to London to apply for Czech visa. Czech visa is one of the most expensive one in the world for Vietnamese. It costs £65 for a single entry! Why????????????

Life is very unfair, unfair, unfair and very unfair.

Bless you all.

Entry for 10 April 2006

Now. What’s been done so far? Flight tickets, train, accommodation, ferry, most are booked and confirmed except accommodation in Paris and train from Rome to Venice. I am waiting for invitation from friends in Paris for staying there. I also need to get the invitation from Czech as well. The train from Rome to Venice cannot be booked more than 60 days from the date of travel. I might have to buy when I get to the station in Rome. How odd!. Anyway, it should not be a big problem as I book a hostel just next to Termini (Rome main station).

Looking for hostel and hotel is a very interesting task. Every thing has to be considered. The price is the first. Once you thing the price is right for its condition you have to check the availability then its location. Not yet finish, you to look for the review from previous travellers on that particular place. Google is the best thing that I have ever used. If you want some thing just type some key words or name then scan around.Hotel in Amsterdam: Hotel Hortus
Hostel in Barcelona: Itaca Hostel
Hostel in Rome: Pensione GiamaicaThe hotel in Amsterdam is quite cheap. A double room for two for two nights costs Euro108!!! The hostel in Barcelona and Rome cost the same amount about Euro60 each night. I am saving quite of lot of money by staying with friends in Paris, taking over night ferry, train and staying with relative in Prague. The only thing I am a bit worried is the short time we are spending in Barcelona and Rome. We can’t change any thing now but we will try to make the most of it.I am trying to get every thing ready for visa by the end of next week. That’s nearly end April. But I can’t do any thing faster than that.

What on my mind right now is the Easter holiday. I am organising a BBQ for VNSoton. It is this Sunday. I have arranged the locations and have people signed up for it. There will be about 35 people at the BBQ. It’s going to be fun.

I think this is long enough for today. Time to stop.


Entry for 02 April 2006

All flight tickets have been booked. There is not much change from previous estimate. First flight from Bournemouth to Amsterdam on 09/06 at 7pm. Then train from Amsterdam to Paris on 11/06, (not yet booked). The second flight is at 10am on 14/06 from Paris to Barcelona. Flight from Venice to Prague and Prague to Gatwick, London are also confirmed. So all flights are fixed.

The ferry trip from Barcelona to Rome has to be on 15/06 at 7pm. I will book an outside cabin to view the Mediterranean sea during the trip. It will cost about 250 Euro!. But I hope it will worth the money.The trip from Rome to Venice yet to be finalised. It might be better to leave Rome early in the evening on 17/06 and spend a night in Venice.The next thing is accomodation. Hostel is the primary choice in most cities. We can stay with friends in Paris. We will stay with my sister in Prague. I can book this later as the prices are not depending on booking time much.All seems going well. I am making enqury for Netherlands visa next week.Wish us luck everyone. See you all

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