8th May 2017 – 10 mins

My today challenge is writing in 10 mins constantly without a break to think, just write down whatever coming to my mind. It may make sense, and it may not, just writing.
Today is the last day that Heliac facility is running, then ANU will donate the facility to an University in China. In return, they will send us some equipment for new facility. It is expected value of this gift is about 25 mils. It has been built in last 25 years. So many works have been devoted to the facility, so many people come and go, many of them have retired and many phd students are now in different places…
There must be some sentiment in today event. I have 5 years working in the department, 5 years seeing people came and went away….I was one of them….
It is great to see so many familiar faces, and strange faces…there was an old couple who brought in a tray of spring rolls. The lady said that, when she did her PhD, everyone loved spring rolls, and often she made them for everyone to share. I have ordered plenty of food, but then, still her spring rolls were something that I can’t order. It is love that she shares in a special day like today when every one look back, and reflect….
I also ordered some sushi for event. It seems that I’ve brought new catering culture in the school. Bring different colour to the food that school consumed, just like my ward-drop, so colourful to school every day. I was very concern about the idea of having sushi for such event, however, it went very well. I received most complements in my “catering” life…..be brave, sometime, it is only different, it does not mean people can’t accept it. I think my “last event” went well…. and I can leave everything behind to start my new….journey…..as I told Ben “from now on, I can be 150% devoted to Stores….”
At the party, I also spoke to Jo. He must be very close to my grandfather age. I’ve known him for 6 years since I started PRL. Jo is wonderful gentlemen. He kept looking into my eyes and saying that, you are a very happy woman. I told him that life has treated me well….I helped him to move the chair to stand up and put back, he joked “my wife made me move my chair”, I told me “yes, your wife has that power, however, I don’t think I need to claim that power here with you”. He looked at me and smile ” you always have that power, as a woman”. Ha, I should tell Khu that.
it was a pleasant day!
10 mins up….

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