Xmas Break


So, another Christmas holiday, it officially start today. I have been so looking forward to holiday all the time before, but this time it is so different. Yet, I know the atmosphere around me is all lighting up for. The weather is very cold and foggy. The houses along the road are all decorated with flashing lights, Christmas songs a all around on TV or on radio, which I listen to very morning and evening. But I don’t really enjoy the taste of Xmas at the moment. I am here without my family. They all are at very far distant away.

I am so looking forward to see them in 8 weeks time. I am going home for Lunar New Year.

But for now, I am here in Southampton with friends, who have been my family since I first arrived more than two years ago. I have been enjoy every moment of happiness and celebrations, late night card games and the food. I feel being at home when we are together for special occasions like Xmas, New Year and many other times. We have been a very big family that we create for ourselves. We are all apart of it.We are having a Xmas party tomorrow where we will all meet with our food and presents. We all then exchanges presents by draw from the box. Then we will play group games. It has been always great.

I will have a couple of days off maybe for resting during this holiday, after that I will have to prepare my report. I will have to submit it after the holiday period which ends on 3rd January. I have a couple of chapters more to complete and some correction. I will have to work hard for this despite of many tempting things that I can do.

Anyway, my complaints are not good at the moment. I should be cheering.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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