Things that I care 1: climate change!

This is the first part in a series of my personal complains.

Global warming is man made! Whether you like it or not, it is happening and only getting worst. Who made it? What do we need to do? Who should do what?

The obvious answer is to reduce or even better remove the cause of global warming. The greenhouse gas, dominantly Carbon dioxide, is the cause of global warming. This gas emitted by energy consumption though burning of fossil fuel such as gas, petrol, coal and forest/bush fire. The emission not only happen because we, human, require so much energy for our daily life activities such as heating, cooking, lighting, travelling on personal transport but also because we are using products that requires processing using large amount of energy or travel a long distant to reach us.

Who has been contributing the most part to this problem? Everyone contributes somewhat to the problem. However, it’s obvious that the developed nations who have been emitting almost of the greenhouse gas that cause global warming. They are the ones who at the moment still continue to contribute to a largest share of greenhouse gas. For those countries, which insist that the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas will reduce the grown rate and loosing jobs, are unacceptable. They are worried about some jobs more than the scale of climate change which has been the cause of chaotic weather around the globe leading to terrible damages both on human lives and their life hood, especially in poor nations. Lives of those people are cheaper than some low paid jobs in developed countries.

In fact, it is very simple to reduce significant amount of greenhouse gas in developed countries. The people need to change their attitude toward energy usage. For example, in my office in the UK, the lights and computers are on 24/7 whether there is any one there or not, the whole building s away on. If they turn them off when not use the amount of energy consumption would be only about 30%. But, amazingly, there are no convenient switches to turn off the light! This building has only recently built about a year ago. Similar cases are happening in all other office and building around the university. I see lights in every room in every building on campus at very late at night.

So what can we do to reduce green house gas when it seems everything we do contribute to it.  The simplest solution SAVING. If you save on everything you need such as turning off the unused equipment, travelling for a couple of miles less on vehicle, travel on foot or bicycles, saving food, and recycle everything possible. This is the simplest way to get instant reduction in greenhouse gas. Don’t forget it will save you money as well and keep you fit as well!

Go on save our planet.

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