I got the visa to Czech, flying on 30th Sep and back on 10th Oct.

Moving home is now finished. I am leaving my room for a friend and moving to a room in the same house of my closest friends.

Tomorrow I am going up to Oxford and play golf with friends. So looking forward to hitting the balls.


Czech visa

Khu Uyen and Khu

Mai minh di London xin visa de di Tiep. Len nay phai di mot minh, khong biet co day truoc 6am de ra coach duoc khong? Lan nay sang tiep tham chi la lan thu 3. Nhung lan nay co khac la minh di mot minh vi chi sap sinh em be. Hy vong la minh se khong lam chi lo them mot em be nua. Khong biet minh se giup gi duoc nhung cu di roi se biet.

Have dinner soon and go to bed early. Get up tomorrow for London, financial capital of Europe. So exciting!!!

Good night.

Miss you so much


I miss you so much. I am totally loss without you. I hope this will end soon but I don’t know how long more I can stand this. I know that you are working hard back home for our future, but I can’t help you in other way except talking to you and encouraging you over the short phone call. Please take care of yourself.

Love you.