Finnally, home internet is back


After waiting for 7 weeks, new ADSL internet now connected. Our previous company went bankcrupt but its wholesaler refused to remove the marker on the telephone line making it impossible for us to sign up with a new company. But finnally, the line is free and the new company seem very helpful and get us connected. If you have some thing you don’t know how important it is when you loose it! We barely survive the 7 weeks without internet. Dependence on internet is now inevitable. Without it I feel I loss the world!

Talking about not knowing until you don’t have it. Living faraway from Uyen is a much bigger task. If I can give up everything to be with her right now I would. I miss her so much. I guess she also misses me as well. All I wish for since I first met her is that we are together. But it seems it is not a simple task. I try to get her over here but now I have to try to live without her by my side. What should I do?

The future plan


Today I talked to my supervisors about my future plan. I haven’t been able to tell them about this for a long time. It is very difficult. The problem is I cann’t tell them excactly what the problem is!!! Despite all of that, they are very helpfull. I will have to make another request soon. This time is even more difficult. I hope that I will be able to explained more clearly.

Uyen is in HCM city


Today, Uyen moved from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city. She is starting work in the stoke broker company, Saigon Security Incoporate (SSI). She was very excited to get this job but now she is a litle bit nervouse but I am very confident that she will work very well in this field. She has always wanted to do this. Saigon is also a easy place to live with friendly people and less hassle. She has many friends and some family members there as well. She also wants to do so many other things as well but time might be limited. Anyway, she’s now on her own. I can only call her over ther phone and I really miss her. I will do any thing to make her happy and we are together again soon. Hope for the best.