Em yêu về VN rồi

Em yêu về VN rồi. Anh nhớ em nhiều lắm. Bây giờ anh chỉ có thể thấy mặt em qua Webcam thôi. Anh không biết là mình phải làm gì nữa khi em không ở bên cạnh anh. Bây giờ thấy ngày đi qua chậm quá. Khi em đang ở bên thời gian trôi qua vùn vụt. Anh biết mình sẽ đoàn tụ sau một thời gian xa cách. Nhưng bây giờ anh chỉ mong cho thời gian trôi đi thật nhanh để anh lại được ở bên cạnh em.
Thoáng một cái là chúng mình đã biết nhau được hơn 5 năm rồi. Trong thời gian này chúngmình chỉ được bên cạnh nhau rất ít. Tại sao vậy? Có phải lỗi tại anh không? Có phải tại anh không làm đủ để cho chúng mình gần nhau được nhiều hơn không? Bây giờ anh biết sa nhau la buồn như thế nào rồi. Anh sẽ cố gắng để minh lại gần nhau nhanh nhất, và lần này sẽ lâu nhất.

Back from Holiday


After 11 days and 11 nights on the road around Europe, I am finally home deadly tired. Almost every day we started up with check out at hostel at 9am then went out all day until 11pm. Sometimes the legs didn’t want to move but they had to be pushed to get to the new attraction or to go home. But overall the trip was very good. The weather was very blessing, it was sunny all day until 10pm so we could always enjoy every thing until the last minute of the day. There were few problems with the transport such as problem getting into a train station after the ferry trip and a cancelled flight in Venice. More details will come soon!

But now back to reality, many things need to be done. The first thing is to get a lot of rest and get ready for Uyen to go home. I am going to miss her very much. I will have to try to keep on going without her by my side every day. It can be one of the hardest time I have ever been through.

New camera photos

Soton_06-06-03_24 Soton_06-06-03_51 Soton_06-06-03_26

Finally, I decided to buy a Nikon D50 DSLR camera and a Sigma 18-200 DC lens. I really like both of them. So far I have been taking some pictures. It is so easy and quick. The quality of the pictures is also good as well. There are so much more to learn about digital photography. This is the beginning. I am so looking forward to the holiday at the end of the week hohohohoho!.

June starts


Hum! Summer is here now. Southampton looks good in summer. But I am stilll looking forward to getting away from it soon. I am not sure what makes me wanting that boring work, tired of repeating day life routines or both. Anyway, I need a very big change to get back to the way I was a while ago. Not sure what else to write. Stop here then.