At work


It’s already 5:20pm. There are so much things to do but time runs so fast. I have been in the office for more than 6 hours!!! But the list that I have done is only a couple of ticks.That is bad. Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going to end up? Answer? Time will tell. Why is it always time to do some thing, time to go, time to ….?I can only say to my self that things will be fine whatever they are. Obviousely they will be fine but there are so many level of “fine”. “Fine you are fired”, “You are doing fine, but we need someone else” Can you image hearing that from your boss?So come on do some thing.

Blog completion

Skiing in Lake Mountain, Melbourne, just perfect.

After the announcement of gallery completion, now it’s the Blog completion. What a work!! :D. I can’t help my self customersing the site. Anything else to do???

Let wait and see how it manage large amount of writing to come. Another thing is who is going to read this? Come on visit and give comments.