“To buy or not to buy”


I am thinking about buying a DSLR for a while now. I have done so much research on this but still haven’t made up my mind yet. Now I have narrowed down to two options: a Nikon D50 with Sigma 18-200 lens (cost £550) or Canon EOS 350D with Sigma 18-200 lens (cost £650). The lens is not very good for the start but can be upgraded later. The advantage of the Nikon D50 is £100 cheaper, faster, longer batteries life, better menu display. However, the disadvantage is the future lens upgrade as there are many more lenses for Canon than for Nikon. Also, the Nikon D50 is 6.1Mpx compared to 8Mpx for the Canon EOS 350D. The Canon is also lighter. I better made up my mind soon because I need a good camera for the Europe trip in 10 days time!!! Any advice?

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