Ngotau: 15/05/06


After another weekend I can say I am ready for a new week. But I wonder what will next week be like, a fun week, a busy week, a productive week or anything else! I have been quite lazy lately. I have made up so  many reasons to justify for that. I know it’s wrong but I still do it. I am suppose to be very busy with work, family and other stuffs as well.

I need to get back to sport, golf in particular because I really like it. This is only thing that can get me up at 7am in the morning in the middle of winter. Do you believe it?.

If everything makes me looking forward to like going to play golf I am sure that I can do anything. But sadly, golf is not everything!

I need to revive myself. I need new energy and new enthusiasms. Come on! a new week on the way.

Wish you all a good week to come.


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