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After some fail trials, I am finally able to embed the gallery (Gallery 2) into blog (WordPress). I made a very stupid mistake before I forgot to copy a file to its location. But today, I reread the instruction, every thing is clear. Every thing works wonderfully, no major problem.

At the same time, I am watching the 2006 FA cup final. It was a very interesting game. It’s Liverpool vs West Ham United. I was quite a funny game as well specially at the end and in the extra times. At the beginning the match was going at very pace. West Ham scored 2 goals in the first 10 minutes but then Liverpool draw with two goals before being behind again. But Gerrard scored a equaliser at the 90th minute. Going in to the extra times, the two team were so tired with so many injuries that most player were just walking and waiting for the penalty shoot-out. Even at penalty shoot out, they were so bad that the goal keeper saves most of them. I never watch a game with that low score in penalty shoot-out. Liverpool won the game with 3 saves from the goal keeper!

I wonder what happened the players? If they are playing like this, they can never go to the world cup where they might have to play many matches with 120 minutes within a few days interval.

Anyway, Congratulation Liverpool FC!!!

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