Entry for 29 April 2006: Life is unfair.

People often go on holiday to relax, to release stress or to enjoy new experience. But we, the people of the third world, don’t seem to have those right. If we want a holiday that only means more stress, more worry at a greater expense as well. The world is totally unfair.

I just applied visa for the Netherlands. First, I was shock when I stepped in the consulate and the consular asked where we were going. I obviously told him that I am applying visa to go to Netherlands and other European countries. The first thing he said was you can’t get visa without asking any information! How odd! I paid for my flight, train, fairy tickets, accommodation, make appointment well in advance and do every things right, but why did he said that? Anyway, he finally asked me the necessary documents. There are piles of them: bank statement, hotel booking, transport booking, letters from university, travel insurance and cash for the visa fee and the return envelope. They had taken so long to prepare with so much hassle. It takes 30 munites for him to just have a look at them. What else do we have to have???
Anyway, I am goping to get my passport back with the Shengen visa on it. Then go to London to apply for Czech visa. Czech visa is one of the most expensive one in the world for Vietnamese. It costs £65 for a single entry! Why????????????

Life is very unfair, unfair, unfair and very unfair.

Bless you all.

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