Entry for 02 April 2006

All flight tickets have been booked. There is not much change from previous estimate. First flight from Bournemouth to Amsterdam on 09/06 at 7pm. Then train from Amsterdam to Paris on 11/06, (not yet booked). The second flight is at 10am on 14/06 from Paris to Barcelona. Flight from Venice to Prague and Prague to Gatwick, London are also confirmed. So all flights are fixed.

The ferry trip from Barcelona to Rome has to be on 15/06 at 7pm. I will book an outside cabin to view the Mediterranean sea during the trip. It will cost about 250 Euro!. But I hope it will worth the money.The trip from Rome to Venice yet to be finalised. It might be better to leave Rome early in the evening on 17/06 and spend a night in Venice.The next thing is accomodation. Hostel is the primary choice in most cities. We can stay with friends in Paris. We will stay with my sister in Prague. I can book this later as the prices are not depending on booking time much.All seems going well. I am making enqury for Netherlands visa next week.Wish us luck everyone. See you all sooon.bb.

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